Business areas 


The enterprise value evaluation 

• set up companies, to form a group, sino-foreign joint venture, cooperation involved in the assessment 

, asset reorganization, joint-stock companies involved in evaluation 

• enterprise equity transfer involved in the relevant assessment 

• enterprise merger and acquisition, merger, division, involves the assessment of the lease contract, bankruptcy liquidation 

Evaluation of the investment and financing involves 

Assessment of the assets mortgage and guarantee involves 

Evaluation of the involved legal action 


Financial bad assets evaluation 

For the purpose of bad assets disposal, to the bank, the asset management company, financial distressed debt held by financial institutions, such as value analysis and value assessment. 


Evaluation of investment projects 

Investment opportunity study, feasibility report, business plan, project proposal, project data analysis, after consulting evaluation and assessment of the investment projects, the examination and approval of project cost and the budget, etc. 


The enterprise value evaluation 

Patents and proprietary technology assessment 

• brand trademark evaluation 

• human capital assessment 

• other intellectual property evaluation 


Real estate assessment 

Real estate, production equipment, vehicles and other transport equipment, office equipment, as well as in the case of goods price authentication, enterprises with foreign investment property appraisal. 


Performance evaluation of 

Business financial index analysis and performance evaluation. 

Assessment review 

For professional assessment or evaluation project review. 

Evaluation consultation 

Project feasibility study, design of restructuring plan, the investment value analysis, financial consulting, market research, etc.