Business areas 

(1) stage 

The client fills in assessment data sheet and the original assets 

Commissioned for whereasset evaluation unit 

Put forward the evaluation data and materials 

A valuation fee of 50% 

Evaluator to enter entrust unit 


The signed agreement 

(2) assessment to estimate phase 

Evaluation method: 

1, the replacement cost method 

2, the current market value method 

3, income present value method 

Collect the data required for evaluation and data (market research) 

Provide data to verify assets inventory verification 

On-site investigation and necessary test 

Reset the full price, or present value 

Determine the new yield 

General situation of research 

Determine the evaluation value 

(3) the BaoGaoGao phase 

Entrust unit shall submit to the national bureau of state-owned assets to confirm 

Confer with clients 

A valuation fee of 50% 

The BaoGaoGao 

Delivery report 

The report